Bangkok Motor Show

Amidst a still-ongoing pandemic, the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) will still push through. Earlier in the year, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic forced big automotive events such as the Geneva Motor Show to be canceled in the interest of public health and safety. Despite this, the organizers of the BIMS still want to push through with the event. The auto show could be a big risk for its exhibitors, however, at the same time, it could set new standards for similar events that could be in the future for car brands that want to display their latest and greatest new vehicles to the public.

bangkok auto show showfloor

While it may seem like a huge risk the organizers of the event, Grand Prix International have stated that they will proceed with safety measures being put into place. As such they will be taking all the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of the transmission of the disease. Temperature checks will be done for all before they can enter the event, which will be held at the Impact Challenger Exhibition Hall in Bangkok. Everyone at the event will also be required to wear a face mask. Constant disinfection at the show will also be done, as everyone, there must undergo sanitation before entering a vehicle.

Bangkok auto show physical distancing

Physical distancing protocols will also be put in place and enforced. While it may seem like a daunting task the event’s venue is large enough for this to happen. Exhibitors will also be keeping distance by maintaining a six-meter gap between booths. This will give visitors more than enough space to look through the exhibits as well as maintain physical distancing. Exhibitors have also been instructed to wear a face shield and a face mask when interacting with visitors to further reduce the risk of transmission. With temperature checks, physical distancing, and personal protective equipment in place the question now arises will this be enough?

With that said BIMS has the automotive world’s eyes set on it as this could be a make or break event for the industry. If things go smoothly and we hope they do this could give automakers and organizers a new benchmark to follow for future exhibits. If BIMs prove to be successful and brings in a lot of attendees it could bring in more sales for manufacturers as well as incentivize them to hold auto shows again. 

However, without a vaccine still being found an event of this size could be a huge source of new cases for the country. Only time will tell if this event will indeed prove to be successful or not with that said we will keep you up to date with the latest happenings from the auto show as more information comes in. We hope nothing but the best for the organizers of the event and we are wishing the best of luck on their daunting task.

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