2020 Kia Seltos

Today marks the reveal of the Kia Seltos. The launch happened in New Delhi, as the crossover is poised to be the subcompact that may further Kia’s stance in the Indian market.

The exterior is noteworthy. Whether that is a good thing will be left to the eye of the beholder. Subjectivity aside, one cannot deny that Kia has decked this unit out with a set of LED lights. This brings the look of the Seltos up a notch against veteran players in the subcompact crossover segment. Speaking of notches, the tiger nose grille is, of course, prominent on the front, but it sports a different shape from prior Kia models. It could be that this model will be the signal for a slight design change to the Kia corporate face. While it is a subcompact, the images could deceive, because it looks larger than it actually is.

Because Kia and Hyundai are essentially the same company the innards of the new Seltos are share with the new Hyundai Venue. Both companies are trying to tease their crossovers quite a campaign. The initiative involves a bunch of sketches that showcase the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

As far as we know, the interior will have a 10.25-inch touch screen infotainment system that can be augmented by a Bose sound system if buyers so prefer. An 8-inch heads up display is also an extra that can be procured by the consumer at the dealer as an option.

As for the engine, the Seltos will be offered with a turbocharged 1.6L engine that pushes 175 hp or a 2.0L naturally aspirated mill that churns out 147 hp. For the Philippine market, however, we would appreciate the 1.6L turbo diesel power plant with 134 horses.

Amazingly, Kia will be offering no less than three gearbox options for the Seltos. Depending on the region, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) will be offered by the company. A traditional 6-speed slushbox will be available, but a 7-speed dual clutch will also be an option for the vehicle.

No word on all-wheel-drive, however. There is a drive mode select system that allows you to change between normal, eco, and sport modes. Unexpectedly there is a sound mood lighting system that allows switching between six themes and eight different colors. The LEDs can be found in sections of the door cards that are illuminated on a 3D-patterned surface as the light pulsates to the beat of the music in the car. 

The Seltos will be introduced to the rest of the world in the latter half of this year and will be manufactured in Gwangju, South Korea, and Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. No word yet from Kia Philippines on the launch of such a unit, but rest assured, another unboxing may take place in the latter part of this year as teased by Kia’s president himself in an interview.

Could it be that the Seltos would be the last piece of the puzzle that Kia is teasing us about? Guess we just have to wait.

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