Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R has been known as a performance car bargain. Demand has been high for Godzilla since it stands as one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world, for only fractions of what other supercars cars cost. However true this statement will be, it will be harder to justify buying one of these beasts with a higher price tag, yes? 

Nissan U.S.A. announced a price increase for the supercar killer last July 8, 2019. The “Pure” variant is getting axed, therefore the GT-R Premium variant will now serve as the entry-level offering from the Japanese brand to Americans. The GT-R’s pure variant started at around P5,000,000, but since it won’t be made available anymore, the new starting price of the GT-R is now at ~P5,800,000 for the Premium trim. Even this variant wasn’t exempt from the price increase since the 2019 pricing of this car was about P5,650,000, a full P150,000 less than today’s prices in America. 

This doesn’t mean that the Philippines will follow in the footsteps of the West however. Prices in the Philippines for the GT-R currently stands at P7,350,000, well above the prices in the United States. Converted to the day’s exchange rate our prices currently stand at about $140,000, around $30,000 more than the US. 

Even with our hyper-inflated prices compared to the United States, there is a possibility that Philippine GT-R prices will also get an increase in the near future. We don’t know by how much since Nissan Philippines hasn’t officially announced anything yet. Perhaps prices could stay pinned, but knowing how easily the GT-R’s prices tend to fluctuate, there is a big possibility that Nissan’s supercar killer, may actually join the price bracket of supercars in the Philippines. 

If recent memory serves, the GT-R previously could be had for about eight million pesos, and after several revisions, the car can now be had for about seven. At any rate, the GT-R’s price might be at an all time low, and prices might skyrocket, or hop a few places up. 

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