Ford Bronco Launch

The Ford Bronco garnered attention around the world for its retro-modern styling, and finally, after months of anticipation, Ford Motor Company has finally launched its SUV to the delight of all fans all over.

After 24 years since its last appearance in 1996, the year 2020 marks the return of the legendary nameplate which was first introduced in 1966. Ford says that its newest incarnation shares have “the toughness of an F-series truck, with the spirit of the Mustang.” The Bronco is positioned more for enthusiasts, but it isn’t as hardcore as Ford’s Raptor offerings which are more extreme versions of utility-centric vehicles such as the Ford Ranger, and the Ford F-150 among other F-series trucks. Even the name “Bronco” is similar to that of the Mustang, which is also horse-related. Hence, the positioning as an enthusiast-level vehicle is understandable. 

With its boxy shape and retro-modern style, the Bronco takes inspiration from the original Bronco from 1966, adopting a square design with functional yet nostalgic elements. Take the flared hood for instance, Ford calls this trail sights, and they also feature the SUV’s indicators. These trail sights help the driver get a better idea of where the vehicles’ corners are. Other quirks include the side mirrors which are attached to the body instead of the doors, which can be removed. The roof can also be detached from the frame provided the pertinent options are availed with the unit. With 35-inch tires, the Bronco gets a ground clearance rating of almost 295 mm, while base trims get a ground clearance of 213 mm. 

The list of colors for the Bronco is quite long and include: 

Antimatter Blue

  • Area 51
  • Cactus Gray
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Cyber Orange
  • Iconic Silver
  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Rapid Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Velocity Blue

The Bronco seats up to 5 individuals at a time and features materials that are hard-wearing. The look of the interior, however, betrays its rather rugged roots simply because there is a fun and very modern atmosphere that Ford has injected into the Bronco, at least in their higher trims. There are different types of leather than can be found on the seats and on the dash, as well as the Blue Oval’s latest SYNC 4 infotainment system. 

The interior is also very modular. Just like the roof, the owner can configure the interior to accept passengers or more cargo. There are also spaces where 

2021 Ford Bronco First Edition Badge

Currently, in the lineup, there are 7 trims of the Ford Bronco, these include, Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands, and the First Edition. The flagship of all these editions is the Badlands trim which spec-for-spec goes toe-to-toe with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. 

These models are now available for order in the United States, and delivery of the vehicles will be made by the Spring of 2021. According to the Ford Website, all the pre-order slots for the Bronco's First edition has been filled up. 

On top of the trim levels, Ford is also offering trim levels that kit out the Bronco with various amenities. There are 5 package options, Standard, Mid, High, Lux, and Sasquatch. Trim levels will be offered with specific editions. 

2021 Ford Bronco Lineup

It is rare to see a brand go to great lengths to offer multiple editions and multiple packages to consumers. Considering that the buyers of these cars will be enthusiasts rather than your average Joe, the decision is understandable. 

2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door Off Road

The engine that the Ford Bronco will be coming with is an inline-four 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost gasoline engine that produces 270 hp and 420 Nm of torque mated to either a Getrag 7-speed manual with crawler gear or a 10-speed automatic transmission as an option. 

A more powerful engine option is also available in the form of a 2.7-liter turbocharged EcoBoost gasoline engine that produces 310 hp and 542 Nm of torque. The only transmission option for this motor is a 10-speed automatic.  

2021 Ford Bronco 2021 vs 1966

In the United States, the base price of the Bronco is set at $28,500, or about P1,500,000, without tax and other destination charges. The price goes all the way up to $59,305 for the first edition. The most expensive trim level in the lineup not counting the first edition is the Badlands trim coming in at $48,875, or about P2,500,000 without tax and destination charges. 

  • Ford Bronco Base: $28,500
  • Ford Bronco Big Bend: $33,385
  • Ford Bronco Black Diamond: $36,050
  • Ford Bronco Outer Banks: $38,995
  • Ford Bronco Wildtrak: $42,095
  • Ford Bronco Badlands: $48,875
  • Ford Bronco First Edition: $59,305

Of course, these prices are all US-based, so Philippine prices will likely be different if Ford Philippines does decide to bring the Bronco into the country. 

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