8 things you should know about BYD cars

As the cliché goes, technology can be either be used to do evil or to do good. Well, BYD Auto chose to do the latter. And with their other technological innovation, they are definitely worth checking out.

They continue to develop technologies that help the environment by using renewable energy, particularly with their electric and hybrid vehicles. BYD Philippines, through their authorized distributor Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (Star Corp.), brought that technology into our shores 2 years ago. Along with their cars are some amazing features, as well as notable elements that definitely needs citation.

#1 Plug-in Hybrid Engine

The BYD Qin (pronounced as cheen) is a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEHV) which means that it can run on gasoline, electricity, or both. That's right – you can plug this in and hit the road. It is currently priced at P2,488,000.

This is made possible by the BYD Dual Mode II (DM-II) engine that’s found under the hood. Its hybrid mode can max it out to 300 hp with 440 Nm of torque. It can run from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. And yes, it's a sports car that can run in full electric mode and can reach up to 70 km in one full charge.

#2 Iron-Phosphate Battery

The BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery has been developed to power their cars and buses. The BYD Qin uses a smaller version of it. BYD's years of experience with battery technology ensures that it is safe, stable, environmentally friendly, and ensures a longer lifetime (up to 4,000 charging cycles). Their full electric vehicle, the E6, uses the full potential of this battery. It was showcased in our country early this year but it’s not yet available in the market.

#3 Remote Controlled Car

The dream of driving a remote controlled car is now a reality as BYD Auto brought us the BYD F5 Suri, priced at P1,288,000. In a distance of 10 meters from around the vehicle, you can start the car and move it around at a speed of 0.7 km/h. Talk about parking convenience. And by the way, Manny Pacquiao owns one.

#4 Parking Assist System

Some models in the BYD lineup are equipped with rearview cameras, and 4 radar sensors, to make parking safer and easier. On certain models like the Qin, S6 SUV, and F5 Suri, cameras are installed under the side view mirrors (with lights) giving you a more useful view when parking your car. That's pretty handy when parking at dark places at night.

#5 Smart Key System

Smart-key system uses wireless controlled technology - not a big deal nowadays. However, BYD has something more up their sleeves. They have a smart key embedded within a wristwatch which was given away during their 2nd year Anniversary party. All vehicles in BYD lineup uses the Smart Key system except for the F3 which is exclusively sold as a fleet car for taxi, business, or police use.

#6 Illuminated Rear Emblem

Can you imagine how cool it is to see the logo of your car glowing? Only BYD has that and it’s pretty cool especially at night. For now, only the S6 SUV, F5 Suri, and the L3 have this feature.

#7 Exceptional Service and Affordable Parts

BYD commits itself to providing the best after-sales service with their 5-Star Customer Service Program. 5-year service warranty, accessible service facilities, affordable genuine parts and accessories, BYD Response Operation (BRO), and FREE 1-year Emergency Roadside Service are just among the many things that BYD provides their customers.

#8 Long Term Perspective

BYD Auto is 10% owned by Warren Buffett. In case you don't know, Mr. Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the 20th century. His involvement with BYD Auto not only ensures longevity of the company but it also backs up BYD's principle of environmental awareness. In addition to that, Buffett is currently working on bringing more investors into the company, thus cementing the brand among the top names in battery technology. 

View BYD's full model line-up here in the Philippines.

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