Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin has pulled the covers off of their newest model in a range of emission-free luxury vehicles. The Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept was made to take advantage of the latest electrification and autonomous driving technologies. Aimed at providing a synergy of luxury and modern design, the Lagonda is set for a 2021 production date.

The Lagonda Vision Concept was designed from the inside out because, with no need to package a vast internal combustion engine, gearbox, and transmission, Lagonda’s designers could optimise the interior down to the smallest detail and then build up the exterior of the car around it. Because of this new design, structural integrity comes through its floor, allowing apertures in the body to be wider than conventional vehicles.

As a result, the rear hinged back doors don’t just open outwards, the roof sections also open upwards to provide ease of access. Occupants can therefore literally stand up inside and walk out of the car, or step straight into it. Similarly, the front seats are not mounted on conventional runners which always interfere with where those in the back would like to place their feet, but instead sit on cantilevered arms extending from the floor outside the seat frame providing a completely uncluttered floor area.

Powered by solid state electric batteries that allow 640 kilometer range, the Lagonda’s powertrain is mated to an all-wheel drive system that will provide full torque on demand.

The exterior of the Lagonda is designed to cut through the air as efficiently as possible in order to preserve battery life, and is shorter than a traditional limousine, as inside cabin space is maximized for passenger comfort.

The inside of the Lagonda uses modern materials like carbon fibre and ceramics, with a combination of silks and cashmeres. All made by hand, the functional ceramic tiles open and close to alter cabin ventilation and the level of the music.

The Lagonda will also be designed with a high level of autonomy (level 4 to be exact), allowing 360-degree awareness and access to concierge and connectivity features.

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