BYD hopes to put more EVs on the road with the Qin EV300 and e5

BYD expands their line of green cars with the introduction of two electric sedans – the Qin EV300 and e5, both boasting a 300 km driving range on a single charge.

The Qin EV300 is the full electric version of the Qin hybrid that’s available locally. It uses BYD’s permanent magnet synchronous motor that’s capable of 214 hp and 310 Nm of torque, accompanied by a regenerative braking system. Interior will also be kept green by the Insta-Pure Technology which lowers PM2.5 values quickly. PM refers to particle matter found in the air like dust, soot, smoke, etc.

The e5 is based on the gasoline-engined F5 sedan, only with an electric motor. A “VtoL” function is available on both vehicles, which can power house appliances in case of emergencies or blackouts. Basically, the car can also be the powerbank for your home, or if you’re camping outside.

This comes after BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu predicted 150,000 units of electric vehicles sold for 2016, according to Bloomberg. This is almost three times their 58,000 sales for 2015. Wang gives credit to the Chinese government’s desire for more electric vehicles on the road as a major factor for the rise of the industry, and BYD is placing their bets on their new sedans.

As for prices, the EV300 is available in four variants, with price ranging from 259,800 to 309,800 Chinese Yuan (about P1.85 million to P2.21 million); while the e5 has a price tag of 229,800 to 249,800 Chinese Yuan (about P1.64 million to P1.78 million). 

There is no word yet if the two would be available locally, but it would be a great solution to our country’s pollution problem. On top of that, the Qin EV300 and e5 can easily offset their steep prices since they’re not dependent on fossil fuels.

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