BYD Forklift

As part of their 4th anniversary celebration, BYD Philippines launched a fast-charging battery-powered Forklift. The company said that this industrial vehicle can charge in just 2 hours and operate up to 8 hours.

The Forklift features the brand’s Lithium Ion Phosphate battery. Aside from the impressive charging and operating time, BYD claims that this battery is completely maintenance-free for the next 4000 cycles or approximately 10 years.

The battery is also tested to withstand extreme heat or cold, a high amount of pressure, and the toughest working conditions. BYD said that the battery will not explode when exposed to fire, pierced, or even when it’s improperly charged. Moreover, it has a Battery Management System that disables the mast when the energy level is down to 5% to allow the Forklift to be parked properly and charged.

Aside from its impressive battery, it’s equipped with safety features such as automatic speed reduction when cornering, forward tilting and overload protection, and brake assist. In addition, the Forklift has this thing called the Operator Protection System (OPS) that stops the vehicle from moving until the operator is in the correct seating position.

This industrial vehicle comes with a multi-function TFT screen that displays important information such as speed, battery charge, and accumulated working hours.

The BYD Forklift could be a game-changer for the commercial vehicle segment. If all what the Chinese brand claim is true, this means that entrepreneurs now have a cost-effective and earth-friendly alternative for lifting and moving cargo.

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