Ford SYNC Waze

Ford updates the SYNC 3 infotainment software to include the navigational app, Waze. Announced during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the new system will allow users to project the app on the touchscreen display and access its services through voice controls.

Owners of Ford vehicles can simply pair their Waze-equipped smartphones with the head unit in order to use the said system.  Users can now check real-time traffic on a larger display, therefore decreasing distractions while driving as you won’t need to look at your phone anymore.

Also available with this update are features such as Talk to Waze, which allows occupants to control the app via voice command. High-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) or carpool lane route support has been added as well to provide more navigational options and arrival times.

With the flexibility of our SYNC 3 software and AppLink, customers can easily use Waze to get all the traffic and navigation help they need – on a big screen and without having to fiddle around with their phones while driving.

Apart from Waze, Ford says that the new SYNC 3 will soon have the iHeartRadio app that will let users access thousands of radio stations based on their preferences.

Ford will begin rolling out Waze in the following weeks and will be available in 2018 models and other vehicles with SYNC 3.0 or greater. Owners can update their car’s infotainment system via the internet or USB.

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