Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning got 70,000 preorders after the week of its launch in the United States. As such, Ford is now expecting global electric vehicle sales to go up to 40% of all vehicle sales by 2030. A tall order against fossil fuel-powered vehicles, but an educated and informed projection nonetheless. Other brands are also on this line of thinking, choosing to develop and sell more new EVs in the coming years. 

Two days following the launch event, according to Ford, the F-150 Lightning received 44,500 reservations. Do note that these reservations were not made lightly, as the company received reservation deposits through digital channels. 

With a price that starts at just $40,000 USD, the Lightning took the United States by storm and undercut many of its competitors by quite a sum. Add to that the already attractive looks of the F-150, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. The top trim of the F-150 Lightning maxes out at around $90,000 USD. Buyers will also receive a tax incentive of $7,500, further enhancing the value proposition presented by EVs. 

With the success of its F-150-based EV, the Blue Oval is looking to double down on its electric lineup. According to the brand, electric vehicle sales totaled 11,172 units. According to Ford, the figure is up by 262%, with the Mach-e being one of the main contributing nameplates to this number. 

It will be a while before owners can get their units, however, since production of the Lightning will start around the first quarter of 2022. Clients may still withdraw their deposits, so only time will tell if any of the reservations will actually translate into units by next year. However, seeing as it has only been about a week since the launch, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that more pre-orders will come through the pipeline. 

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