Ford Global City and Ford Otis Manila are rolling out its 6-year zero-downpayment promo for the first time on AutoDeal. Yes, that’s not a typo. Six years. Zero downpayment. 

Prospecting car buyers will be glad to know the Blue Oval will be offering this promo until the end of February for two of its models. This time around, Ford Autohub Group is taking a break from the norm. Instead of offering a 5-year financing plan like most automakers, Ford Global City and Ford Otis Manila are offering a 6-year in-house financing plan to those that will avail of this promo. The new EcoSport and Everest are the two models that are under the promo. This is the first time that an in-house financing plan like this is being brought to market. 


Ford’s EcoSport is a small city slicker. With the EcoSport name introduced back in 2014, this mini-crossover has been making waves in the Philippine market ever since. With high ground clearance, high wading depth, and updated styling over its previous generation, the EcoSport is positioned to be perfect for Philippine roads. 

The promo for the EcoSport is for the 1.5L Ambiente MT. With a total price of Php 918,000, zero downpayment, and 72 months to pay, Ford’s deal seems very enticing. With monthly amortization of only Php 18,000 for the next 72 months.  


The second model is Ford’s Everest. The brand’s midsize SUV has been puttering around the Metro for quite some time now. The launch of the Everest happened back in 2015, and it has solidified itself in Ford’s lineup ever since. With seating for seven, high ground clearance, premium cabin, and wading depth, this capable SUV can take you anywhere you wish to go. 

Just like the EcoSport’s promo, the Everest will also feature a 6-year zero downpayment promo for its 2.2 L 4X2 Ambiente MT trim. The total price of this model is Php 1,518,000. Monthly payment of Php 29,000 for 72 months is required. 

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