Ford Motorcraft micronAir proTect Cabin Filter

As we slowly transition into our post-pandemic lives, we may find that the world we head into is quite different from the one we left behind almost two years ago. The New Normal is what we call it. Embracing this change means staying updated on the latest technology for personal health and safety.

This need for safety is nowhere more apparent than in our cars. We use them every day, and we need them to be a space free of worries from the outside. Ford Philippines knows this, and it could be why it has introduced a new cabin air filter for some of its most popular vehicles. It's the latest automaker to introduce a product of this kind to help protect its customers from everyday worries.

Ford Motorcraft micronAir proTect Cabin Filter

Available in select models of the Ranger and Everest, the Ford Motorcraft micronAir proTect Cabin Filter features advanced technology that offers improved air filtering functionality. On daily drives, many factors can disrupt the air quality in our vehicles. 

Things like moisture and dirt enter the air conditioning system. Seasonal pollen can also cause allergies to members of the family. Particulate matter, specifically of the PM2.5 variety, can come from industrial fumes and emissions. 

Ford's new air filter can reportedly filter out close to 100% of allergens that are up to two microns in size. Of course, viruses are among today's hottest topics, and this air filter can help with some of them as well.

The new Ford Motorcraft air filter is simple to install. It fits into the vehicle's air conditioning system to help prevent harmful pollutants from entering the cabin. Using its advanced filter layers, it can reduce dirt and moisture while protecting occupants from harmful viruses.

Interested customers can visit their nearest Ford dealership to know more about this latest product. The Ford Motorcraft micronAir proTect Cabin Filter is available now for select models of the Ranger and Everest. 

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