Ford 4 patent grille design

Ford has recently patented four new grille designs that hint at possible new or upcoming model facelifts. Each grille design looks like it was designed for a specific vehicle segment in mind. It's a general rule in automotive design that a vehicle’s grille will be on its face. There are some exceptions such as electric vehicles but we digress. The grille helps give the vehicle a persona and solidifies the image of the car with the brand it represents.

It's another general rule that as soon as a model officially launches, its successor immediately starts development, which also means it will need to be leagues better than the model it will be replacing, if not mechanically, at least aesthetically.

It seems that Ford has something in mind with the release of four new grille designs that could possibly point to the Blue Oval’s plans for its future lineup of vehicles. The Patent claim by the American brand comes with no surprise from the US patent office. At first glance these new grille designs seem to be for existing models, however, at closer inspection, these designs have more to tell.

Ford grille Type 1

The Type 1 grille comes in a honeycomb design which seems to be better suited to a medium-size pickup or for a crossover. It roughly fits the dimensions of what could be placed on the Ford Ranger, Ford Escape, or the Ford Everest. While not yet confirmed the grille does fit in well with the design language already seen on these vehicles. 

Ford Grille Type 2

The Type 2 grille, on the other hand, comes with a more rectangular design that features four layers with verticle vents on either side. This design type looks better suited for the Blue Oval’s F-series pickup trucks.

Ford Grille Type 2

The Type 3 grille seems to best fit a crossover design as it comes with three horizontal layers and features slanted edges. The design also closely resembles the grille found in the previous-generation Ford Explorer. The grille could be also put on the American brand's other crossovers or sedans.

Ford Grille type 4

The Type 4 design, on the other hand, comes with a thicker rectangular design. Similar to the previously patented grilles this too comes with a three horizontal bar layout with special accents on either side. What is still unknown is what vehicle this design will come with, however, thanks to its style cues this might be placed on the brand’s bigger vehicles such as the Ford Transit and other full-size pickup trucks.

While these designs are patented it is still unknown if these new grilles will enter production. However, one of these designs may be popping up on the all-new Ford F-150 which is launching on June 25, or on the All-new Ford Bronco which is set to be unveiled this July.

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