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Ford Philippines has expanded its marketing footprint with the newly established dealership facility in Clark, Pampanga. Being one of the country’s main economic centers, the American automaker aims to reach more customers in the area and give buyers access to Ford’s reliable vehicles, as well as an enhanced overall ownership experience.

Serves as the 47th outlet in the country, Ford Clark is planted on a 1,863 square meter area, which features a four-car showroom display, one interactive bay, and seven service bays that comes with extra 16 service zones for future extension.

What makes Ford Clark different from the rest of Ford dealerships in the country is that it is the first showroom to follow the new global dealership branding guidelines that boasts a more globally-aligned design inside and out. Looking at the exterior, Ford Clark stays true to the global brand identity, proven by the dealership facility’s brand wall, entrance tower, and of course, the American marque’s famous signage.

Stepping inside, Ford Clark will serve customers a more pleasing and inclusive environment that will allow them to be in control of its sales and service transactions. For an improved convenience, this new showroom comes with advance technological features to facilitate faster and more customer-focused sales and after-sales delivery. With this, the online purchasing will be linked easier with the on-ground, in-store environment for seamless automotive retail experience.

Apart from these improvements, Ford Clark also highlights a more interactive welcome pod, a space for vehicle displays, purchase rooms for better interaction with the sales staff, improved celebration bay, service reception area, and a community and social area for social and community events. Staying in the center won’t be boring as there’s a customer lounge that lets clients to connect online and charge gadget at the same time.

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You can visit this new dealership at LGC Automotive Service Building, M.A. Roxas highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

“Today’s automotive customers are increasingly sophisticated, business-minded and technologically-savvy. Therefore, it is vital that a dealership facility, which is one of our most important customer touchpoints, adapt to this changing consumer behavior in terms of look, feel, and the experience it offers customers. The new and world-class Ford Clark dealerships is an embodiment of our commitment to enhance the Ford ownership experience with its new features, new look and feel, and new innovations that will change the way we interact with our customers.”

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