Geely Coolray international market

The Geely Coolray, like in the Philippine market has been making waves in other parts of the world. Called by many other names such as the Proton X50, the normally quiet crossover now comes with a new special feature that makes the vehicle sound a whole lot better. The new feature comes in the form of a selectable exhaust noise function that lets the driver choose between three different sound settings with each one complementing the Coolray. The feature is only available in select markets and with the top of the line model of the crossover only. Currently, the Binyue Pro 260T DCT Battle variant is the model that has it equipped. 

Geely Coolray exterior

The feature itself is called the Passion Sound Wave kit by the automaker which claims that it uses an intelligent valve system that determines the noise level according to the drive mode selected. There are three drive modes to choose from starting from “Qing Lian” or “Light mode” which could indicate a tamer exhaust note, then there is the “Peng Pai” or “Surge” mode that opens up the valves a little bit more, and finally “Zha Jie” or “Street Explosion” mode. Contrary to what the name translates to it won't be blowing up any streets anytime soon as this mode fully opens up the exhaust to let you hear the mighty roar of the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine underneath. 

While not yet confirmed, the fact that many models under the Geely nameplate come with the 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder motor could mean that the new feature could be used in other models. There is no official word yet if Geely Philippines will be adding the new feature to its local lineup of Coolrays in the country, however, it would be a more than welcomed addition to the sporty crossover.

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