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The year 2019 was a successful one for Nissan Philippines. The Japanese brand concluded the year with a two-digit sales growth – 22.15% to be exact – allowing it to climb to the third spot of the top car brands in the Philippines in 2019 based on sales performance, and capture 10.41% of the country’s market share that year. 

Simply put, one of ten vehicles that were sold in 2019 was a Nissan, and that wasn’t an easy feat. Of note, Nissan sold 19,034 units of the Navara last year while moving 10,469 units of the Terra.

So, how did Nissan manage to sell a lot of cars amidst a futile automotive market recovery? Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director, Atsushi Najima, has a passion for the cars that his company sells. As an old adage goes, success starts when you believe in your own product – and that worked quite well for Nissan Philippines.

Atsushi Najima Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director

In order to show his passion for Nissan vehicles, the company released a new video series called Najima Drive which shows Najima-san driving Nissan’s big guns through scenic spots in the Philippines. The pilot episode of the video series was shot in Siquijor during one of Nissan’s Go Anywhere media drives. In there, he shared his life, career, and his thirst for adventure all while behind the wheel of the Nissan Terra.

“There is no better way to show my personal passion for each of our Nissan vehicles than driving them across the diverse landscapes of this beautiful nation and showcasing what they can do. At Nissan, we are committed to enriching Filipino lives. And this series showcases our ability to enable the best adventurers to take the journeys of their dreams, with complete confidence in the Nissan vehicles that take them there,” shares Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director, Atsushi Najima.

You can watch the pilot episode of Najima Drive video series on the embedded footage below.

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