F21xHonda collection

Collaboration is a strategic plan consulted by many brands that have the desire to create or at least stay with the current trend. In this case, clothing brand Forever 21 wants to spice up its clothing line through a collaborative effort with Honda, making clothing pieces infused with the rugged flavor of the ‘80s and ‘90s motocross.

Its collection will be composed of cropped hoodies, bodysuits, racing jackets, pants, shorts, and t-shirts that bear the Honda logo. As per Forever 21 vice president of merchandising, Linda Chang, this is an approach where they went out of the box in order to deliver something exciting to its consumers. Also, with Forever 21 being a female centric brand, this strategic plan should attract more male consumers, all thanks to its wide range of streetwear. 

In order to reinforce the motorsports vibe on each Forever 21 boutique, Honda will have a huge play on its selling floor, where the brand has bikes for merchandising displays. 

This F21xHonda collection somehow highlights the great success of Honda in the field of motocross, mainly its heritage for racing during the ‘80s and the ‘90s, with several awards garnered, respectively. 

“We were really interested in the fashion aspect of what was happening in motocross. That’s where we met Honda, and for this particular collection that we did this year, they allowed us to look at their archives from the Eighties and Nineties.”

With such positive buzz going among two of the brands, only time and results will tell if the collaboration itself would bear a delicious fruit of labor and if a partnership between both brands will once again commence in the near future. 

So fashion gurus, is this collection the bomb or what? No official statement yet on whether the F21xHonda collection will reach Forever 21 stores locally, though, so you might want to keep your fingers crossed.

Source: wwd.com

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