Iconic Drive 2022

As one of the leading premium auto groups in the country, the Auto Icon Group is holding a massive event at the Corte de las Palmas at the Alabang Town Center which acts as the group’s one-stop shop for all of the nine brands under its belt plus the premium services that they offer. It brings together the best of Germany, the U.S., China, Japan, the U.K., and France. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, Mazda, MG, GAC, and Peugeot come together in one space. 

Iconic Drive 2022 mall display

There you will be able to see vehicles such as the Peugeot 5008, MG HS, Jeep Gladiator, GAC GS4, and much more. After all, it's always a good idea to see the unit you are interested in, in the metal so you can experience what it has to offer before you decide on buying it. 

The event not only highlights the best and newest models that each automaker has to offer but also acts as a place where interested buyers can get to test drive these vehicles. On top of this, great promos and deals can also be had at the event. For those curious, the Iconic Drive 2022 event will last until October 19, 2022, with the display and test drive schedules being available during mall hours.

For those who don’t know about the Auto Icon Group here is a bit of a backgrounder. Autospectrum Corp. was established in October 2003. It later would merge with Automotive Icon Inc. and form the Auto Icon group. The strength of the auto group lies in its nine different brands under its control which range from European and Japanese nameplates. The group also serves a wide variety of vehicles for customers to choose from passenger vehicles, pick-ups, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles as well as dedicated mobility, financial, and parts and services brands. 

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