Hyundai Kona Iron Man

If Tony Stark were to drive a Hyundai Kona, it would definitely be far from what you can regularly buy off the showroom floor. It would be completely armor plated, have weapons, an advanced computer system, and flashy, for those, you know, parties. Plus points for being able to traverse narrow streets and city traffic. In that case, why take a car when you have the Iron Man suit?

Hyundai has taken all of this into consideration, and have come up with a Kona to set you apart from everyone else. At least, without the weapons, armor, but still turn heads. Unveiled at Comic-Con 2018 at San Diego, California, the Kona Iron Man Edition has some exterior and interior features that closely resemble Iron Man’s suit, something Tony would be proud of. Taking center stage at the Marvel booth, this special Hyundai Kona is the latest project to emerge from the ongoing collaboration between Marvel and Hyundai, with the first being the 2019 Veloster Turbo that appears in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp. It will also be a limited global production run, making it a must have for comic book fans.

The exterior of this Kona has been given a unique lighting signature, and a custom daytime running light look that mimics the facemask and eye shape of the Iron Man suit. There’s the Iron Man mask on the roof, a unique hood garnish, front fender badging, and some nifty Stark Industries decals on the lower fascia and doors. There are also unique 18-inch wheels adorned with Iron Man mask center caps, engraving for the D-pillars, and a dark chrome grille. Rounding off the look is an exclusive Iron Man red paint job with matte gray.

The interior also gets some comic book touches in the form of Tony Stark’s signature in the instrument panel, an Iron Man shift lever, a redone heads up display with Iron Man visual graphics, and a custom seat design.

Hyundai is excited to work with Marvel on the Kona Iron Man Edition; it really is the perfect mash up. The first time we saw the Kona, we knew its unique, rugged design drew a compelling resemblance to the strong and iconic Iron Man suit. There is also a nice synergy between the fun and adventurous nature of the Kona and the playful yet bold character of Iron Man/Tony Stark. The outcome is a remarkable special edition that we’re sure will appeal to Marvel fans and SUV enthusiasts alike

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