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One of the biggest suppliers of second-hand Japanese trucks and vehicles is furthering its ventures in the Philippines by exclusively partnering with Filanka Subic Corporation (Filanka). The partnership’s thrust is to expand the business and bring a full service offering to Filipinos.

AA Japan will be the principal partner of Filanka, supplying the units to be sold in the Philippines. The Japanese company hopes to spur the country’s continuous development in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture, and energy. These industries require heavy duty commercial vehicles such as trucks and heavy equipment services to operate effectively. 

We believe in Filanka’s proven track record in this industry. That is why we decided to pursue our plans in partnering with them, as this will allow us to adapt our services and products to a broad customer base and develop multiple service offerings,

With both companies having big asset and service portfolios, Filanka and AA Japan hope to keep its domination in the local market. Their services include conversion from right hand drive to right hand drive, reconditioning, repair leasing, documentation, and sales. With this partnership, both companies also hold 150 units of in-demand, high quality trucks and heavy equipment that will be ready for the Philippine market. 

Based in Subic, Filanka will grow the region economically. The company aims to boost its network and strengthen the industry in that part of the country as well as provide jobs and opportunities for the citizens of the area. 

Unwilling to stagnate and disappoint, Ramzan also emphasized AA Japan’s strive for quality and service. Even after over 10,000 customers worldwide, their reputation for quality has never waivered. The idea of a high quality vehicle at accessible prices is the company’s main value proposition to its customers. Various customer sales services also boost the already stellar reputation of AA Japan.

Pioneering the Japanese second hand automobile export market, the company started in 1996 with the same goals, and has long been a source of quality vehicles, equipment, and machinery for contractors and procurers. Over the years of its operation, AA Japan has built up a strong network of partners throughout the globe.

The company helps individuals to choose the best vehicle to suit their needs and assist them in all proceedings pre-ownership. The company also presents the opportunity to buy directly through Japanese auction using the online service it provides. They will also help with export and shipment.

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