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Spending your most anticipated weekend trip shouldn’t be stressful, right? Every driver’s wish is to have a smooth and laidback drive on the way to their destination. Unfortunately, most tourist attractions here in Manila always tend to be jam-packed and the roads you’re going to pass through are usually congested during the weekends.

To help you enjoy your weekend relaxation, Kia Philippines shares other getaway spots away from heavy traffic and crowded places with your trusted Kia vehicle.  

The best way to ease your mind this rainy season is to savor the bittersweet taste and warmth that a cup of coffee brings. Known as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines”, you can visit Café Amadeo and try their signature Pahimis blend coffee, matched with hot suman and other kakanin delicacies in Tagaytay. Not far from the café, you can take a plunge in the refreshing water of Balite falls, perfect for those who are in tight budget.

Before you get to the destination, expect sweeping bends, uphills, and tight side roads. In this case, the 200-hp 2.2L Kia Sorento is capable of handling this kind of road. This SUV can take you there with fun and ease, thanks to its tuned suspension and balanced weight distribution.

Have a Manila tour and rekindle your Filipino spirit by visiting historical places like Intramuros and Luneta. You may also stop by and know more about our culture at the National Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and Cultural Center of the Philippines Museum. If you have your kids with you, let them wander around and be amazed with giant Optimus Prime, life-sized Marvel and Star Wars figures, and toy collectibles at Yexel’s toy Museum, located inside Manila Ocean Park.

Driving along with these places in Manila won’t be hard on your wallet with Kia Picanto’s 29.23 km/l gas consumption. With its 2.4m wheelbase, it’s a perfect buddy to maneuver even in the tight streets in the city.

If you want to challenge yourself, there are spots in Tarlac where you can invite your friends to do hiking, biking, and river rafting. Also, you shouldn’t miss the rigorous trekking to ANZAP (Asean New Zealand Forestation Project) Waterfalls, which will lead you to the majestic 200-foot wall of water. Make sure to set another day to explore the city with your mountain bike at Tarlac’s 78-hectare Recreational Park.

With the Grand Carnival as your hauler, packing outdoor gears or picnic stuff won’t be a problem with its spacious cargo. Its rear seats can also be folded to maximize the space inside the car.

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