Ford Chevrolet Business Wars

Be it in corporate management, technological advancements, or even motorsport, mankind has seen many intense rivalries forged in the automotive world since its invention over a hundred years ago. And here’s your chance to listen and learn about one of the most iconic car manufacturer matchups ever.

We’re talking about the Ford versus Chevrolet rivalry that started almost a century ago, when both companies tried to outperform each other in sales, design, and technology to secure a foothold in the American market. With the companies’ headquarters located just around 113 km away from each other, this battle for supremacy put Detroit on the map as the industrial capital and gave it the nickname MoTown (Motor Town).

And thanks to the podcast called ‘Business Wars’ that features businesses, companies, inventors and their competitors, you can now listen to this epic showdown like you were there when it happened (or at least during key points of the rivalry). The online radio show has released the first of its four-episode series featuring the American car brands, which is told in a dramatic first person rendition. Think of it like your afternoon teleserye drama but for car junkies.

You can listen to the first episode or subscribe to Business Wars via the Wondery website or Apple Podcasts. Now wouldn't it be interestingly entertaining if they made the Ferrari vs Lamborghini rivalry?

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