MG 5 won its class at the Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge

Just recently, the MG 5 was utilized as a racecar, and it showed an impressive performance during the Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge held at the Clark International Speedway. From ‘Big in features’ and ‘Big in comfort’, the subcompact sedan has made a testament and is also worthy of being considered ‘Big in performance’, therefore lengthening its current tagline.

MG 5 Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge

The MG 5’s transformation has addressed the rich racing heritage of the brand. The exact unit used during the event is actually a stock car, as there were indeed no modifications done. It was in the hands of meta-coach and amateur racer Marc Soong, professional driving coach and champion Allan Uy, and gallerist/champion racer Gaby Dela Mercedes. 

I expected the handling to be good since this British car is known to have excellent handling. The MG 5 doesn’t oversteer at challenging turns on the track. Reliability was another thing I felt sure of with the MG 5. It is also lightweight and well-balanced compared to other cars in its category.

The stock MG 5 was raced in the Manufacturer’s Class and it came in first as the category’s sole participant. Over the next 8 hours, it even managed to earn 8th place among the rest of the other 22 other cars of varied modification and enhancement.

Usually you’d feel the wear and tear mid race, especially since this was an 8 hour endurance challenge. Imagine pushing the car to the limit the whole time. How it rode from the start was the same all throughout. No changes in feel, brakes were the same from start to finish, the tranny kept its tip-top form. That’s something that rarely happens.

Marc Soong even expressed his fondness with MG 5, in fact, he was even surprised that the subcompact sedan delivered good performance alongside with that needed reliability.

The MG 5 really held up to the abuse of driving on a racetrack, and it was surprisingly quick.

MG Philippines then gave their congratulatory marks to each and every member of the team during the Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge. Plus, it was even stretched that this achievement clearly demonstrates the teamwork, skill, and even the ability to adjust given the inclement weather and any other unpredictable conditions during racing events such as this.

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