Michelin LTX Force

SUVs and crossovers are built with high ground clearance to make them capable of going virtually anywhere. This makes them pretty attractive to car buyers, which reflects in AutoDeal’s latest Philippine Online Vehicle Sales Report — 38% of cars bought through the website are SUVs and crossovers.

However, just like shoes, most tires are only made for specific purposes, limiting your SUV’s “anywhere.”

Some tires are best for highway and city commuting with their shorter braking distance, but has limited off-road capabilities. On the other hand, off-road tire types won't give you the braking performance when driven on the cemented path. Get the gist?

With that, Michelin Philippines introduces the LTX Force brand of tires. Its difference? It can perform both on- and off-the-road, maximizing the places your SUV can go to.


LTX Force tires are designed with 3 on-road technologies in mind: CompacTread, BevelTread, and CushionGuard. CompacTread increases the contact area to the ground for better braking, while BevelTread lessens tire noise. CushionGuard, on the other hand, absorbs road imperfections for a more comfortable ride.

While these technologies already make the LTX Force a good tire choice for SUV owners, Michelin didn’t stop there.


To boost the capabilities of the LTX Force tires, Michelin combines its on-road technologies with off-road traits.

The extended biting edge strengthens the tire’s sidewall against cut-chip damages, while the deeper shoulder tread design provides better off-road traction. This is then optimized by the specialized rubber compound that’s developed through Michelin’s experience in FIA World Rally Championships.

The result?

With both on- and off-road traits combined, the LTX Force tires are among top choices if you’re looking for tires that can do it all. It’s best in light off-roads like unpaved streets and gravel, while still having a very good performance in both city streets and moderate off-roads (sand and wet mud). It also comes with a moderate highway performance.

As compared to the Michelin Primacy SUV tires that was launched last year—which is only best on highway and city drives—the LTX Force tires can tackle more roads and surfaces, maximizing your SUV’s potential.

To add, Michael Nunag of Michelin Philippines said that the LTX Force tires are also tested by third parties to brake 2 meters shorter and have 35% more mileage when compared to other tire brands in the dual purpose category.

The LTX Force brand of tires are now available for 15- to 18-inch rims, which covers almost all local crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. For reference, here’s the complete table of tire sizes and corresponding descriptions:

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