Mitsubishi opens new MI-Playground showroom near Japan headquarters

Near its headquarters in Tamachi, Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) opens a new ‘MI-Playground’ showroom which serves as a field of interaction and inspiration of the Japanese automotive brand’s identity, culture, and technologies, as well as heightening the overall customer experience by making it more personal, adventurous, and progressive.

This new facility is set to render that enjoyable experience of testing the latest Mitsubishi models. Its clean and modern architectural design honors the brand’s history, as complemented by the clever use of white and black, which are both considered to be the corporate colors of Mitsubishi.

The following Mitsubishi vehicles will be on display in the showroom area located on the ground floor, this is where visitors can wander and explore and experience each model. In the near future, the showroom shall also include concept car displays and workshops.

The second story of this facility was actually designed as a lifestyle area wherein visitors are allowed to just chill and enjoy some refreshments like an organic fruit tea and other desserts. It can be reached through the pedestrian deck which is directly connected with the JR Tamachi Station Shibaura Exit.

This entire facility was built through the idea of having other people experience its vehicles and the brand itself. ‘MI’ is actually an acronym which represents the entire concept of this showroom, ‘M’ for Mitsubishi Motors while ‘I’ stands for intelligent, inspiration, ingenious, and interaction. The ‘MI-Playground embodies the Japanese automotive brand’s dedication to continuously enrich the overall experience of its customers.

MMC has been going through some smooth and progressive stages as evidenced from this innovative facility. The brand has indeed established a vision of heightening the overall Mitsubishi experience. Apart from its esteemed vehicle lineup, customers will surely be enticed with the overall experience rendered by this new state-of-the-art showroom.

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