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Mitsubishi Philippines’ legendary nameplate, the L300, showed strong monthly sales performance, netting a total of 699 units sold in August. This is a 35% increase in sales versus the month of July with only 517 units. The growing business of delivery services in the country can be attributed to this growth in sales and this uptrend of commercial vehicles. 

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), in the month of August, was able to move 2,621 units and retains its ranking in the Philippine automotive industry, squarely set at the number 2 position. 

According to the report, the Xpander is the second-best-selling vehicle in the Japanese brand’s lineup for the country. It tails behind the L300 with 620 units sold, which is followed by the Mitsubishi Strada with 564 total units. 

We at Mitsubishi Motors Philippine Corporation are optimistic that the economy will continue to improve in the succeeding months. We are geared to provide better offerings to the market to support their vehicle needs during these trying times. For the Mirage G4 and L300 which both are proudly Filipino-made, we rolled back its prices as far as 7 years to make it more affordable to the market.

For other models in the lineup, MMPC is offering its rollback promos along with the success of its L300 and Xpander. Popular models such as the Mirage G4 GLX MT and Mitsubishi L300 are getting price rollbacks to make the acquisition that much easier. For select models and variants, customers can avail of the discounts and drive home with a brand new Mitsubishi. 

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