Peugeot 3008 Active Diesel

Compact crossovers, consumers want them, but the price keeps them away. Peugeot released its 3008 GT Line in the Philippines back in 2018. The crossover was launched into the ground clearance loving market. There’s one problem, though – with many amenities inside and out, the 3008 is quite pricey. 

However, Peugeot Philippines has launched a more affordable version of the 3008. At half a million less than the GT trim, the Peugeot 3008 Active Diesel is now available in order to make potential buyer’s wishful thinking, a reality. 

Peugeot is proud to unveil the first stage in its long-term goal of bringing its products to a wider and truly global audience. To achieve this, we are making our vehicles more accessible to the market while still providing the same driving experience and comfort found in our current range.

The crossover still maintains many of its attractive lines, with a dynamic silhouette that highlights the athletic form of the vehicle. A change that was made together with the price cut was the headlights. LED Projectors – yeah, those are gone, downgraded to a pair of projector halogens, albeit, customers still get the signature claw LED taillights.

You still get most of the amenities in the cabin that exudes a sophisticated design that is dubbed the i-Cockpit. Utmost comfort and accessibility with an elevated driving position, a compact steering wheel, touch screen controls, and a fully digital dashboard make sitting in the 3008 special.

The Peugeot 3008 Active is powered by a 2.0L diesel engine which is also found in the GT Line variant. Power and pull are hefty for this crossover, as 150 hp and 370 Nm torque pull you along whatever road you choose. The engine is also supplemented by a turbocharger that increases fuel economy and power when needed. 

While the top of the line trim has a price tag of P2,890,000, it wasn’t an easy purchase for an average Filipino buyer. Now with the P2,390,000 price tag, perhaps owning your dream compact crossover may finally become a reality. 

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