2019 G-Class

The long wait is over! The Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed the all-new G-Class in its final form and its complete specs have been laid out at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the 2019 G-Class may look the same as its predecessor, but with the new double wishbone suspension at the front axle and a rigid rear axle, this SUV is said to have better driving performance. The independent suspension also improves the rigidity of the body’s front end, while the suspension bridge connected to the front strut towers enhances the torsional rigidity of the ladder-type frame.

Aside from its additional 6mm ground clearance, the 2019 G-Class is 121mm wider and 53mm longer than its previous model. With that, the legroom in front has expanded by 38mm, while the legroom in the rear has extended by 150mm.

Known for its off-road capabilities, this boxy SUV has an integrated G-mode, which allows the three 100% differential locks and low range off-road gear reduction to maneuver the vehicle easily on extreme terrains, without the driver exerting much effort.

The rugged beast features a DYNAMIC SELECT switch, which adjusts the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, and driving assistance by just pressing a button. It includes programs such as “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Eco”, and “Individual”. This system senses the specific condition of the road for superb handling and better driving abilities.

Not much of its exterior has changed aside from its new aluminum design, along with A- and B-pillars that are now made of high-strength steel. The interior, on the other hand, gives a refreshing feel without losing its classic look. The instrument panel also features the iconic round dial analogues,while drivers can enjoy the full infotainment system without taking their eyes off the road using the touchpad controllers.

To provide a comfortable ride, seat heating in the front and rear are available in the G-Class. Ride comfort can be optionally enhanced with massage functions, climate-controlled seats, and rapid seat heating. The rear seats can also be folded down to 60/40 if needed.

Finally, the question about the engine has been answered. This boxy beast is powered by a high-performance 4.0-liter V8 gasoline engine that delivers powerful performance. This new biturbo can churn out a maximum output of 416 hp and 610 Nm of torque, which is carried over from its predecessor. 

It is then coupled to a 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission that gives a quieter ride and reduces fuel consumption. The carry-over might sound a bit of a bummer, but hey, if it isn’t broken, might as well not fix it.

The 2019 G-Class will be available in U.S. by late 2018. Will it be marketed in other countries outside U.S.? Well, that’s another question that needs to be answered.

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