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If there is a company that likes to build hype for its models, it's Ford Philippines. The Blue Oval brand has consistently been teasing its upcoming models by releasing small bits and pieces of information about them to keep the car-buying public interested. They did it with the new Ford Ranger and are doing it again for the new Ford Everest.

Ford PH website

If you check their local website, the American automaker has teased the Ford Everest alongside its pickup truck counterpart on the “Coming Soon.” If you click the “Explore” tab on the American SUV you will find that it will bring you to another page full of highlights for the vehicle. 

Based on what we know and what the Blue Oval has already released, it appears that there will be two variants available for the new Everest. It will likely be the Sport and the Titanium+ models if the teaser images on the website are true. They will also both likely come with the 2.0-liter turbo diesel engines with the lower variants coming with the single turbo and the higher models coming with the Bi-Turbo version. Transmission options are still unknown, however, we suspect that both variants will be available with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Aside from this, the SUV may also come with six driving modes at its disposal. These are Normal, Eco, Tow Haul, Slippery, Mud/Ruts, and Sand. 

Ford Everest seats

While these mechanical specifications are great, the teaser images from the website also reveal that the Everest Sport variant will come with Sport badging on its bolstered seats along with brushed metal accents inside the cabin. In the case of the Titanium+, it may have the Praline interior feature to complement its Ebony interior. Just like the Sport, it too will have brushed metal accents to help give the cabin a more premium look and feel. 

Ford Everest interior

To further complement the new interior, both variants will also likely come with a new fully digital gauge cluster along with new infotainment systems. The Sport will get the 10-inch head unit while the Titanium+ will get the 12-inch model. 

With Ford Philippines not yet releasing an official launch date for the Everest or the Ranger, it's a waiting game to see when they plan on releasing them. In the meantime do check out our website to see the latest, promos, deals, and discounts on existing models as they have interesting offers to give you. 

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