Ford Ranger Infotainment System 2022

We’re probably all super excited about the new Ford Ranger this 2022. The exterior and interior get a total overhaul, plus a new bevy of powertrain options will be available, or so we’ve been told. However, Ford’s making a big deal out of its infotainment system. 

Ford’s press release stresses the features of the infotainment system. Apart from being really big, the next-generation Rangers’ infotainment screen adopts a Tesla-style display that comes in at 10.1 or 12-inch sizes. The portrait orientation is something to get used to, but it will only take a moment once you realize that it just makes sense. 

The brand states that the SYNC 4A system makes quick work of displaying all the information that you need. The over 10-inch display panel helps a lot, and the largest display option will be available for the top-spec next-gen Ranger units. Owners can toggle between layouts ranging from the various driver-assist technologies that the Ranger will come with, a tachometer, and even some extra gauges. If you don’t like the info overload, there is a “calm view” that can be activated to remove all the clutter and let you focus your attention on the road. 

Wireless CarPlay also meets wireless charging. The Qi wireless standard allows for smartphone charging without the need for cables. On top of that there are quite a few USB outlets in the car for other charging sources, and one near the rear-view mirror that can power a dashboard camera. 

Things are shaping up to be quite exciting for the new Ranger. For the longest time, the 8-inch SYNC3 system was the standard for the brand, but the next generation promises a totally new experience that we’re all very excited about. 

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