Nissan LEAF EV Atsushi Najima

The recent Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit just concluded, and Nissan co-presenting for the event means that the brand is deftly serious about making the Philippines switch over to electric vehicles (EVs) in the future. 

The brand presented its next phase in its EV strategy for the Philippines market. Shown in the virtual industry event, the move follows the launch of the Nissan LEAF EV which was launch back in May of 2021. 

"Now that the Nissan LEAF is here, the next phase of our electrification plans for the country [involves] continuously educating the public about the benefits of EVs, while making the Nissan LEAF accessible to more parts of the country through our Nissan EV dealerships,"

Nissan was able to show a video during its presentation at the summit. The brand showcased just how wide the reach of its electrification strategy really is. Using Cebu City as a backdrop to discuss the brand’s vision for sustainability, the brand is making big on its promise to support the LEAF EV in the market by providing several perks for owners of the model. 

Michael Goho, the executive vice president of the Gateway Group in Cebu, stated that the task that lied ahead was “challenging yet exciting,” due to the obvious popularity of fossil-fuel-powered cars in the market. However, with Nissan’s help, the status quo could turn over a new leaf. It also boils down to customer education and trust. For those that fear the prospect of owning an EV, Nissan will be there every step of the way to ensure that customers, dealers, and the general public will be educated on the viability of electric mobility. 

"As a pioneer EV dealer, we face a challenging yet exciting task of educating our community on the benefits of sustainable mobility. It takes passionate and dedicated people who believe in sustainable mobility to make EV adoption and a reality.”

As for the brand’s plan, Nissan wishes to expand the current EV charging infrastructure starting with up to six EV dealerships which include the likes of Cebu, Mantrade, Makati, Otis Manila, Bonifacio Global City, and Tagum and Matina in Mindanao. These EV dealerships will have charging stations that will be made available to Nissan LEAF owners for free and exclusive use. Nissan expects the number of these EV dealerships to increase in the coming years, and the availability of the LEAF shall also expand to other dealerships in the country. 

As for the other plans, Nissan is also looking for potential partners to help grow and amplify the brand’s electrification strategy. The brand plans to collaborate with the government and private sectors as the next step to realize its vision for the future. 

The program Nissan has in mind and mentioned by President Najima of Nissan Philippines is called the Blue Switch program. Which is a sustainability effort that partnered with various private and public stakeholders in Japan to promote the use of EVs and address social concerns such as disaster response, energy management, climate change, and eco-tourism. 

"We are not just offering our customers a zero-emissions vehicle with the Nissan LEAF, and a nationwide EV charging network through our EV dealerships. We are also looking at building a network of partners here in the Philippines for sustainability and resilience, unlocking the potential for EV technology to address social concerns.”

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