But we’re not holding our collective breaths for a left-hand drive model anytime soon.

Nissan’s performance division, NISMO, has just released a higher spec version on the Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO, adding an S to the name. More than just a letter, the Note e-POWER NISMO S (a mouthful, I know) is on sale in Japan only, and has significant additions that make it the Nissan Note to get if you’re into top tier electric vehicles.

While the original Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO was released in 2016, Nissan and NISMO decided to up the ante and give the two year old model a bit more juice and some more flash.

The Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO S has a maximum power of 100 kilowatts (134 hp) and 320 Nm of torque, an output that’s 25% greater than the Note e-POWER NISMO. It shares the same custom structural enhancements and custom suspension as the non-S, but it adds custom tweaks for the inverter and vehicle control module, increased electrical output, and an improved reduction drive. The Nissan e-POWER powertrain is driven by an electric motor that’s powered by a gasoline engine. Acceleration, quiet operation, and increased fuel efficiency are key features of an electric motor drive system. The gasoline engine is only used to generate the electric power, and only operates when needed, still resulting in better fuel figures than cars with similar output.

The 2019 Nissan Note-ePOWER NISMO S distinguishes itself subtly from the standard variant by adding auto-levelling LED headlights and custom emblems in the front and rear. Everything else carries over from the regular Note e-POWER NISMO, such as the front bumper, exhaust finishers, aluminum 16-inch wheels, and even the interior. The interior was already pretty handsome to begin with, featuring red accents, e-POWER instrument displays, and suede covered sports seats.

The Nissan Note is the best-selling car in Japan for the first half of 2018, and contributes greatly to the company's global target to sell one million electrified vehicles annually by year 2022. The NISMO brand was infused as a part of the regular Nissan vehicle lineup in 2013, offering sportier driving characteristics and technology, while still retaining the brand’s reliability and quality.

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