LEAF owner in the US celebrates 10 years of emission-free driving

Shannon Monroe, one of the first Nissan LEAF owners in the U.S. remains loyal to his decade-old Electric Vehicle (EV). Within ten years, his LEAF already traveled more than 201,168 gasoline-free km with his family.

They have been able to keep their commitment to a zero-emission lifestyle. In fact, Monroe was captivated by the unique benefits of the Nissan LEAF. Apart from its eco-friendly factor, the LEAF is also known for its durability and low-maintenance needs, given that it does not require gas to run. 

Nissan LEAF exterior

Monroe has always wanted an electric car. Back in 2009, he and his wife were on the hunt for a new vehicle, given his desire to transition to an electric car, he then decided to get a Nissan LEAF. It’s been ten emission-free years with their vehicle, notably, they even took it from Florida to California, and then to Washington. With such great commitment shown by the couple to the Nissan LEAF, their parents even bought one for themselves.

Throughout the ownership period, there were no complications experienced, as a matter of fact, Monroe praised its LEAF for just how easy having it as a car. His wife even expressed the great feeling of not having to purchase gasoline and also not contributing any toxic emissions for the past ten years. 

The car has been serving the family well, apart from the wife using it as her transport to work, the LEAF mainly caters to its kids, with it being used to take them to school and even taekwondo practices.

The Nissan LEAF changed the way the world looks at electric cars, with it being launched as the first mass-market EV back in 2010. All thanks to the LEAF, many loyalists including Shannon Monroe, stayed true and remained committed to its quest of lowering carbon emissions.

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