UD Croner

UD Trucks and Prime Quest Transport Solutions, Inc. launched the Croner last July 4, 2019. The medium-duty truck will continue the Japanese legacy of the brand, and to be the truck that the world needs today. The truck is made specifically for growth markets across Asia, Africa, Middle-East, and South America. 

The Croner is touted to be reliable and versatile. It is made with robust and quality components that deliver extra productivity and superior uptime, according to UD. 

UD Trucks believes that more time spent on the road and less time in the workshop adds up to the success of our customers’ business. It is our aim for Croner to make every moment count, through maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime on every run our customers make.

The truck is named after the Greek god of time, Chronos, and is designed to excel in medium-duty applications. Croner in the Philippines has two gross vehicle weight (GVW) models: the LKE and PKE; and their wheelbase variants. This platform is also modular in order to suit the specific demands of various industries. Air suspension is also an option for all variants to better deal with rough road situations. 

Fuel efficiency is a priority for the Croner. The GHE engine series, automatic transmission and fuel coach coupled with an aerodynamic cab maximize profitability and uptime with services such as fuel utilization reports, track, and trace, as well as proactive support. 

UD Trucks offers the Extra Mile Support services. Genuine Service and Parts, Driver Training, and Trust Service Agreements were developed to ensure that the trucks will remain in optimum condition to go the extra mile to save minutes, hours, and days over the years. UD also offers professional telematics solutions that provide customers with real-time information reports to improve their fleet’s operation. UD Trucks enables proactive and continuous workshop support to its customers by connecting its trucks to the UD workshops. 

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