Volkswagen ID.4 Steering Wheel

Volkswagen is preparing its manpower for the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) boom. In the Philippines, the lineup consists of gasoline-powered vehicles like the Volkswagen Santana and the T-Cross. EVs are still rather niche but are more common in developed regions like the United States and Europe to name a few. Because of the coming demand, Volkswagen is looking to add electric vehicles to the curriculum of the Volkswagen Academy at the Chattanooga plant in the United States. 

This development is hot off the heels of the Volkswagen ID.4 launch, an all-electric vehicle that features marks VW’s electric transition in the West. 

Courses covering EV technology are being added. Batteries, advanced welding, and other EV-related lessons have all been added or are to be added in order to prepare the students for the future of transportation. Workforce development and employment opportunities are the main goals of the program in Volkswagen Academy, and the academe has roots in the apprenticeship programs in Volkswagen’s home country. 

The new courses teach students to learn about high-voltage systems and components. The course will give the students insight and understanding of how batteries in EVs work. It is well-known that EV motors operate in a drastically different manner compared to the standard internal combustion engines that the world is accustomed to. Being a new course in an industry where innovation is at every corner, the curriculum will constantly evolve as time passes, making new lessons and teaching students new skills in order to pursue progress at a constant rate. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Academy has been contending via online courses and standardized safety protocols whenever the students will be on-site for hands-on learning.

In the future, the Volkswagen academy plans to expand with courses on 3D printing, cybersecurity, and advanced robotics, and a new batch of students will be welcomed in the third quarter of 2021. 

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