WATCH: Ford demos their glare-free high-beam technology

Sometimes, driving at night requires the use of the high-beams especially when there aren’t enough street lights around. However, these tend to disorient oncoming motorists with excessive brightness. Ford aims to solve this problem with their new glare-free high beam technology.

This short video demonstrates how that system works. To put it simple, this tech involves a camera that’s mounted onto the front of the car. Once it detects oncoming traffic, the high-beams gently fade off as the low beams activate. They then fade back on as soon as the camera senses a clear view.

The sequence is done automatically so the driver won’t lose focus on the road. But this isn’t the system’s only trick. We’ll leave you with the rest of the video to find out more.

This new technology can be of great use here in the country as many roads, especially in the provincial areas which have less or no street lights at all. We look forward to this system being adapted by Ford Philippines on their models someday. Enjoy watching.

For more of Ford Philippines, check out the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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