WATCH: Mitsubishi shows why the new Mirage can be your best buddy

Mitsubishi has finally given its Mirage hatchback a well deserved facelift. In this teaser video from the official Youtube channel of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, we get to see the new 2016 Mirage as it demonstrates its new looks, capabilities, and its nature as something beyond just a machine used to go to places.

The new model evokes a more classy front due to its chrome trims and daytime running lights above the foglamps. On the other hand, the front end now has a much more prominent radiator grille.

Though the side profile remains as is, Mitsubishi spruced it up by giving its wheels an elaborate new design. This is also combined with what looks like a fingerprint scanner to unlock the driver’s side door. The rear portion also improves upon its predecessor’s by having a new set of tail lights that are now fitted with LEDs.

Inside, the 2016 Mirage comes with a new touch screen infotainment system that can support Android and iOS devices. The rest of the video shows its practicality as a daily-driver and a vehicle well-suited for those all-important “me times” on a scenic place.

Do note though that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) hasn't announced if this will reach local shores but we're optimistic that it will.

The current Mirage is still currently available, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide for more information. Enjoy watching!

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