Waze hired God a.k.a. Morgan Freeman for your everyday drive

Google's famous driving app, Waze, has been known to have iconic voice options such as C3PO, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Elvis Presley. Now they've added a new one and it's the voice of God himself – Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman has portrayed God in the movies Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty and has been a favorite when it comes to narrating. His voice has been featured in more than 30 documentaries and movies which includes March of the Penguins, The Origins of Man, and The Shawshank Redemption which he also starred in.

The addition of Freeman's voice to Waze is Google's marketing move to promote Freeman's upcoming movie, London Has Fallen, in which he'll play as the Vice President of the United States. With his legendary voice, he will address you as the president and will put a different perspective in your driving. 

Now there’s more reason for you to trust Waze. Besides, who wouldn't believe God's voice when driving? If he says turn right, then you have to turn right. If he says that it's traffic in EDSA, then you have to reroute because yes, it’s always traffic in EDSA. 

Unfortunately, this voice option is available for U.S. users of Waze for now. We're still waiting for any official announcement from Waze if they will bring it here so we all might end up checking our app every now and then.

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