Tata Motors commercial vehicles

The commercial vehicle (CV) segment is a flourishing business in the automotive market. In fact, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) reported a 31.4% increase in sales of CVs in 2016 (as compared to 2015), while the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID) disclosed a 60% growth for the same period.

What does these numbers mean? Businesses start to grow by numbers and with that comes the increase in demand for utility vehicles that help sustain their operations. Tata Motors, India’s largest CV manufacturer and among the top 10 globally, intends to stir the competition within the local CV market introducing their own brand of CVs.

Through their exclusive distributor Pilipinas Taj Autogroup, Inc., they introduced their portfolio of CVs at the Truckathon 2017 held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The brand has a wide variety of trucks by size namely, the Prima Range of tractor trailers and tippers, the LP range of light, medium, and heavy trucks, SFC 407, and the Ace and Super Ace mini trucks.

However, what can the vehicles of Tata Motors really offer to the customers of the flourishing CV segment? What are their edge over the staple brands in the market?

Low total cost of ownership

For Tata, the cost of ownership doesn't end with the price tag. This is the main advantage of their cars, as they invest heavily in their dealerships in order to provide the parts and services for the new owners whenever they need it.

Moreover, their mechanics and the service providers are sent to India for training so they will be equipped with the right knowledge in handling their cars. For them, after sales is just as important as introducing a new product to a competitive market.

Philippines is one of our key markets in the South-East Asia and we are delighted to be a part of one of the fastest growing ASEAN nations. With years of experience in the commercial vehicle business , Tata Motors has analyzed and understood our customers well and are dedicated to providing them with best-in-class products and services. We are confident that through our trusted partnership with Pilipinas Taj Autogroup, Inc., we will be successful in establishing a long-term relationship with our customers.

Wide range of products

Aside from the low total cost of ownership, Tata Motors also has a wide range of commercial vehicles for business owners. From mini to huge 6x4 trucks, their future clients have plenty to choose from, depending on their business needs. Plus, their vehicles are highly customizable with its modular configuration, so they can be tailor fitted depending on the client's request.

Prima 6038 6x4 and 4438 4x2

The Prima 6038 6x4 is powered by a Cummins ISLe 8.9L diesel engine coupled to a 9-speed transmission, with an output of 380 hp and 1150 Nm of torque. On the other hand, Slightly smaller than the 6038, the Prima 4438 is powered by the same Cummins ISLe 8.9L diesel engine, although with higher torque output of 1550 Nm.

Aside from the towering power ratings, this truck also boasts cabin comfort, with a double sleeper berth with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). The driver seats are also air suspended and the steering wheel is telescopic and can be tilted.

These trucks are designed to carry heavy containers, machinery, different types of tankers,  car carriers, and other heavy-duty applications.


The LP is a series of trucks and buses that are fitted with Cummins engines with varying sizes. They can be used for other multiple applications. Aside from the claimed best-in-class fuel efficiency, these trucks feature heavy-duty rear axle to offer a host of applications for industrial use, agricultural produce, dairy products, mass transports, and courier services.

SFC 407

The SFC 407 has a maximum payload capacity of 4450 kg, powered by a Tata 497 SP turbo diesel engine that has an output of 75 hp and 225 Nm of torque. It also has a strong chassis and heavy-duty rear axle — both built for the purpose of carrying goods inside the city.

One of the body configurations of the SFC 407 is the Jeepney Concept, just in time for the modernization plan of the government that's in place. It’s designed to match the guidelines by the Philippine National Standard committee.

Ace and Super Ace

The Ace is a small and rugged truck that’s powered by a 2-cylinder 702cc diesel engine. Its small dimensions enable it to reach even the narrowest roads, making it a perfect delivery machine. On the other hand, the Super Ace is its bigger version, with 1.4L diesel engine and has a maximum 1 ton payload capacity.

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