2017 Toyota 86 Interor & Cargo Space

The Toyota 86 creates a great value proposition for those looking for a great performing coupe without breaking the bank. Agile and fun to drive, the Toyota 86 can make every drive an opportunity to stretch its legs and put a smile on your face. At P1,950,000 for the base manual transmission variant, you’re still getting the exact same interior with the more expensive automatic variant. That’s a win in our book.

Let’s talk about the specific quirks and features about the interior of the 2017 Toyota 86 that we reviewed recently, and find out how much cargo space there really is. Fun to drive, but is it good to be in? Let’s take a closer look.

If you’ve driven past iterations of the Toyota 86, you’ll notice a more conservatice approach to the interior of the later models, foregoing the bright red as the color of choice, instead making the interior predominantly black with highlights of red sprinkled around. You’re looking at a mix of leather, textured plastic, and fabric. Execution of these materials is sound, with leather in the steering wheel, gear shifter, and handbrake; basically all the parts you’ll be touching when driving. The plastic can be found in the dashboard, but it is textured, and you also have elements of carbon fiber design and aluminum colored trim pieces. Kudos to Toyota for not using piano black in their interior, leaving the touchscreen of the infotainment system the only surface in this car that can attract fingerprints. The comfortable and form hugging seats are fabric, which actually are a bonus if you park under the sun for extended periods of time. They feel nice to sit in and the good adjustability in the seat allows anyone to find a comfortable yet performance oriented driving position. Aluminum pedals are grippy and are good looking, especially if you’ve got the three pedal setup.

Buttons and switches are your usual Toyota quality, solid and will stand the test of time. The nice rotary knobs for controlling your automatic climate control are idiot proof, and the buttons on the steering wheel are laid out logically; no messing up volume or track controls here. My only two gripes are the third party Kenwood infotainment system, which we talked about in our technology review of this car, and the omission of some sort of armrest or center console. Other than those small issues, it’s a comfortable yet driver focused affair.

I am fully aware that the Toyota 86 is a two plus two coupe, but, just like most vehicles of this type, you’d be extremely hard pressed to fit anybody larger than a child in the back seats. As a matter of fact, anyone close to double digits in age will find the rear seats uncomfortable and claustrophobic. There are three point seatbelts and ISOFIX mounts here, however, so children with child seats and toddlers will do fine. In my case, the rear seats of the Toyota 86 provide additional cargo space, allowing me to throw my bag behind me when driving.

The trunk, if we can call it that, is a little on the small side only because the spare tire and tools stick out in the center of the space. You could pack a few weekend bags in there, and maybe even a pair of small carry-on suitcases; but that’s it. Thankfully, for most, that would be sufficient for a weekend adventure. Just make sure to pack light and smart. Or you could always throw that duffel bag in the back seat.

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