2019 Kia Stinger Interior philippines

Looking straight into the sharp eyes of the Kia Stinger might tell you that it is a sports car, that it means business, that it’s far from being practical. But truly, judging a book by its cover isn’t a good trait, as the no matter how aggressive the Stinger’s styling is, It is a genuine grand tourer.

Just in case you don’t know what grand tourers are, they’re the type of vehicle that’s designed for high-speed, long-distance drives. The Stinger is exactly just that, primarily because of its overall interior amenities. Here’s a closer look.

What you will like: roomy front cabin, the choice of materials brings home the bacon, a very well-executed cabin design, personal favorite: suede headliner

As a GT, Kia profusely marketed the Stinger as a car that’s made for you to enjoy the journey, and the car stood by that claim accurately. The materials used all over the cabin are top-notch, including the real aluminum finishers found on several parts of the interior. There are a few soft plastic parts but they’re minimal. Most are made with soft leather and every button, knob, and controls have premium feedback.

All these things, combined with a pliant suspension setup and typical GT extended-leg driving position, work together for a comfortable ride and drive, even for long hours. And oh, cheap thrill – suede headliner. Such simple tactile pleasure.

What you won’t like: Rear legroom’s limited to people standing below 6 feet, the dashboard’s a tad too tall.

There isn’t much to complain inside the Stinger, except if you’re a basketball player relegated to sit at the back. Because of the cavernous trunk (more on this below), the seats are a bit pushed forward to limit the legroom for those standing below 6 feet. Plus, the dashboard’s a bit too tall for small drivers like myself to sit at the lowest height setting.

Cargo volume with seats up: 406 Liters

Cargo volume with second-row backrests folded: Not indicated

The Kia Stinger may look like a sedan (It’s actually classified as a 5-door fastback sedan. Don’t ask.) but it’s got a hatch, which actually meant that you get the best of both worlds: the sleek conventional shape of a sedan and the flexibility of a hatchback.

With that, the trunk is already spacious by default but by removing the tonneau and folding the rear seats, you get more usable space.



3.3 L

Fuel Type



365 hp @ 6,000 rpm




Name Kia Stinger 3.3 V6 GT
Body Type Sedan
Price ₱3,235,000
Transmission Type Automatic



Economy & Environment


Safety & Security




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