When compared among its competitors in the Philippines, the 2017 Nissan Navara has something up its sleeves that the other lifestyle pickup trucks don't have – the multi-link coil spring suspension. This gives it an ace when it comes to ride comfort for the driver and passengers. Plus, with the Sport Edition variants up for grabs in its range, you could never go wrong with exterior styling. If Nissan wanted to up the ante of a good-looking pickup truck, they just did – and did it with emphasis.

Comparing it to the other choices within its segment, the P1,656,000 price tag of the 4X4 VL Sport Edition AT variant is just right, considering the added aesthetic enhancements, superb driving characteristics, and utmost passenger comfort. With these, it's more likely that the Navara nameplate to stay among the top choices of pikcup truck buyers.

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