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2019 MG ZS Review - Behind the Wheel

Affordability doesn't mean it skimped on basics.

Caco reviews the MG ZS and goes bi-lingual on us to describe the added refinement that SAIC motors injected into this Chinese-made, British-branded automobile. Mei you or 没有 stands for “none” in English for those of you that don’t know. 

The sporty subcompact crossover features strong lines and stylish sheet metal from Morris Garages. Look at the front, side, and rear and feast your eyes on its modern aesthetic with MG styling shared with its other brethren. It has big style features like its wide-eyed face and peek the small touches such as the hidden grab handle for the rear hatch. 

Join us as we take you on a tour of the interior, clad in leather, and adorned with an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and doubles as a reverse camera display. The interior also omits a feature that we appreciate, a smell-less cabin. So you can jam out with no foul smell as the 4 speaker audio system sings you your favorite tunes. Let more light in through its standard array of interior lighting amenities, or through the generously sized panoramic sunroof. 

Also get the low-down of how it drives as the 114 horses hums inside the 1.5L engine capable of 150 Nm of torque. Watch as we put the 4-speed automatic into drive and take this crossover on the road to test its fuel efficiency and driving dynamics. 

Step into the rear of the car and be greeted by the same leather upholstery that graces the front. Move to the rear cargo area and fold the rear seats for over a thousand liters of space for all your cargo needs.

The MG ZS starts at P818,000 for the style variant with a manual. And the unit covered in the video goes for P998,888 and is designated as the Alpha in the MG lineup. 

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