Ford Mustang Fastback

It invented the term 'pony car', a high performance, sporty line of vehicles that was the craze of the ‘60s. It was the first Ford to bear the iconic galloping pony emblem that will later on let the world know who the 'Boss' on the road is. It established the benchmark in automotive, which was instantly followed by every other rivaling companies.

You know what to call it, you know what it looks like, and some of you may even be very familiar to how it sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, the Mustang. With nearly 126,000 global sales in 2017, this sports coupe continues to flourish in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts all over the world — old or young.

Well, the 2018 Manila International Auto Show is with the world on this, as Ford Philippines gathered local Mustang owners during the last day of the show. Local Mustang car clubs gathered to put up a show that is definitely worth the heat of the afternoon sun. 

Right before our eyes were a long line of attention-snatching Mustangs of varying generations, from the classic 1960s to the 21st century models, as well as the Shelby ones. It was like a day of visit in heaven, where the angels were in a form of cars—Mustangs, to be exact.

Among the lined-up Mustangs were 1960s models that really made us drool. Those shiny metal bodies, blinding chrome bumpers, and authentic American car looks dropped most bystanders' jaws. You can't blame them, even an ordinary person would appreciate an iconic car such as the Mustang. The fourth, fifth, and sixth-generation models were all there, though the second and third-gen ones weren't. 

While having our eyes twinkle as we stare at the lined-up 'Stangs, we got curious. How does it feel like to be an owner of this iconic sports coupe? That's when we met Alet Nonato, member of the Mustang Club Philippines. Take note, the guy used to have two Mustangs in his younger years—a 1965 and 1966 Ford Mustang Hardtops—which he sold to restore another 1966 Mustang Hardtop with 289 engine.

(above) 1996 Ford Mustang Hardtop

Nonato claimed he has a passion of collecting vintage cars, and preference for old-generation Mustangs over the modern ones. For him, owning an old car has the potential to prolong an enthusiast's life – something we totally agree with. We admit that classic cars are like precious minerals under the earth – these are time-formed treasures definitely worth spending for. 

"For me, I prefer to buy an old Mustang than buying a new one because owning a classic car makes me feel younger. Before, I had a Ford Mercury Cougar but I sold it because I prefer to own a Mustang – because (the) Mustang is a phenomenon."

When asked about his impression on the 2018 Mustang unveiled at MIAS 2018, Nonato admitted that the riding comfort is far better than the ones he prefer – all in terms of technology, cabin experience, and power. However, it looked like these newly found advantages were no match against the '60s look that he loved ever since he dreamed and got one.

Truly, the Mustang is one of Ford's longest-running masterpiece. It has seen decades of technological evolution yet remained true to being a powerful car under a sleek body. More so, it has captured the eyes of people – old or young; male or female. That, we can consider a phenomenon. 

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