When we purchase new vehicles from showrooms, chances are, there’s an offer of warranty and service package that is good for a certain number of years from date of purchase, or a number of kilometers. In the case of Mazda, they go a step further by providing a different take on the established format of after-sales.

If you’ve been to a Mazda showroom, chances are you’ve seen the Yojin3 sign around. Yojin means “care” in Japanese, and is bundled with every new Mazda vehicle purchase since 2013. Three key points create a strong case as to why Yojin3 is enough to convert many customers that may be on the fence when purchasing a Mazda, and we’ll be revisiting them in this article.

Yojin3’s first and major attraction is that your new Mazda comes with free preventive maintenance on scheduled visits. It’s not just a case of free labor, this also includes any parts and consumables that are essential in each service interval. Breaking it down further, your first 1,000 kilometer checkup will be free, then another visit at 10,000 kilometers, then interval changes to every succeeding 10,000 kilometers after that. This is, in reality, double the mileage from the usual 5,000 kilometer interval found in other manufacturers. So, in essence, you’re only paying for the gasoline and toll to your closest Mazda service center. This is good for three years, or 60,000 kilometers - whichever comes first. So you get a stress-free servicing experience, as well as more time on the road, enjoying your Mazda.

Second, Yojin3 also offer a complete bumper to bumper warranty for new Mazda vehicles. For three years or 100,000 kilometers - whichever comes first, Mazda’s warranty will cover any mechanical and electrical parts that may be defective within the period of warranty.

Last, but definitely not the least, is that Yojin3 offers free roadside assistance for new Mazda vehicles up to three years. This nationwide and can save you in a pinch, such as towing, arranging emergency hotel accommodations, and minor on site repairs.

The bonus? A concierge service is also available, connecting you to a world of conveniences such as dining reservations, car rentals, and courier services to name a few. Feel like playing golf? Mazda’s concierge services can direct you to the closest course in a phone call. A nifty feature that should be used more often.

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