Mazda3 Sportback Polymetal Gray Philippines

Gray cars don’t really strike a hint of interest in me. They appear to me as boring and too neutral, which are actually the feelings that this color ensues. It’s like a dad who’s stuck in a dead-end, 8-5 office job for decades – detached, unemotional, and indifferent.

Just a brief backgrounder so you would understand where I stand: I’m a former rock musician. I’m inclined to like duds that spark excitement, which include artistic activities and deviant fashion sense. I’m passionate about a lot of things, and that reflects in my color choices – whether in clothes, shoes, guitars, and yes, even cars.

surf green fender jazzmaster guitar

Yes, that’s me and my surf green Jazzmaster – four years and 30 pounds ago.

With that said, my car color choices are usually eye-catching and conspicuous. These colors include red, orange, and blue, among others. I vividly remember my dream car when I was in high school – a fully restored Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle in electric blue. The car may not be as exciting to drive but I guess the combination of old-school eccentricity and ecstatic paint job should give you an idea of my taste.

mazda3 sedan machine gray metallic philippines

Mazda, in its consistent effort to go against the norm, decided to reinvent the color gray in the hatchback Mazda3, or Sportback in Mazda-speak. Did I bat an eye? Not really. The Japanese automaker has done this before with the Machine Gray Metallic color option that’s available in the CX-5 and CX-9 for an additional price. It’s also available in the sedan version of the ‘3' (image above).

In order to stand out, the Machine Gray Metallic paint uses aluminum flakes to elevate its appeal. It’s effective, to some extent. It brings a different take on a rather stale hue. In my eyes, however, gray still looks boring – not until Mazda Philippines delivered the Polymetal Gray media tester in the office for the full review of the Mazda3 Sportback.

While the Machine Gray Metallic wants to stand out with gloss and glimmer, the Polymetal Gray takes a different and subtle approach. The new color option uses an interplay between light and shadow, which translates to varying shades while under either brisk sunlight or gloomy weather. The Polymetal Gray Mazda3 Sportback was an extraordinary color proposition under bright event lights. In the metal, it’s even more stunning. Alluring, even.

This is the first time that gray invoked an emotion on me; I was riled up even before I got into its cabin. The combination of the slightly bluish hue and flat gray finish is oddly interesting but in a good, surprising way. Simply put, if the Machine Gray Metallic is a head-turner, the Polymetal Gray will make bystanders go near the car for a closer inspection.

Mazda3 Sportback Polymetal Gray top view exterior philippines

Mazda has put the exact words to describe its cars. The marque hits the spot with the Polymetal Gray, complementing the already sexy demeanor of the newest iteration of Kodo design language. Even better, this brand new Mazda color doesn’t come with an added premium, albeit it’s available for the Mazda3 Sportback and the all-new Mazda CX-30 crossover only.

It’s actually hard to put my adoration of the Polymetal Gray color in words, but one thing’s for sure – it’s best appreciated in the metal, more so when you drive the car.

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