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It's no secret that Hyundai and Kia are under different distributors in the Philippines, however, it appears both brands are looking to showcase their latest electric vehicle offerings at the upcoming Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). This holds especially true for Kia Philippines which recently sent its media invite for the event that features what could be the Kia EV6 on it. 

As a bit of a backgrounder, the EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 share the same Electric-Global Modular Platform or E-GMP. This high-tech architecture eliminates the many compromises faced by EVs that are created on platforms initially designed to accommodate internal combustion engine vehicles. As a result of its underpinnings, these EVs have class-leading interior space, a highly impressive range, and 800-volt ultra-fast charging capability.

Kia invite

While it's a waiting game to see what Hyundai and specifically Kia have planned for PIMS 2022, neither of these automakers have confirmed the powertrain for their respective electric vehicles. However, if we take a look at the global specifications of both vehicles we can see that they come in a range of battery sizes from 58 kWh or 72.76kWh or  77.4 kWh in the long-range version of the EV6. This means that with their highest capacity battery, the EV6 and the Ioniq 5 can probably travel between 480 to 528 kilometers. 

For its power figures, we can expect to see around 229 up to 325 depending on the electric motors that both companies will bring in. As PIMS is still a few weeks away we will update you with more information as it comes in. One thing is for sure, at least, for Kia Philippines, it appears that they will soon have an electric vehicle in their local lineup followed by one other model that they will be showcasing soon. 

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