Foton all-new jeepney

Foton Philippines has officially rolled out its all-new jeepneys, as a response to administration’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP). These upgraded PUVs will replace old jeepneys that have been operating for 15 years and above.

The all-new Foton Jeepney will produce less carbon dioxide emissions to help reduce the worsening environmental problems. Moreover, these next-level PUVs are built based on the Philippine National Standard Public Utility Vehicle Class 2 requirements. 

Excluding the driver, Foton jeepneys can accommodate up to 24 passengers, with 16 passengers seating and 8 people standing. For improved safety and security of the commuters, the vehicle is equipped with a dashcam, a CCTV, and a GPS. The ride to your destination won’t be boring with WiFi connectivity, LED monitor, and speakers. Sounds great, right?

For convenience, these Euro IV-compliant vehicles have designated seats for people with disability. Aside from that, the modernized A/C jeepneys will be installed with a beep card reader, where you can pay your fare easier through a tap in-tap out scheme. Absolutely better than giving your payment to drivers with loud music on, or being worried whether you’ll get your change.

With the release of these modern PUVs, Foton PH just proved its strong commitment to building functional and innovative transport system solutions not only for Filipino businesses and families but also for a greener and safer mobility.

“This is a huge leap for the local government and other transport sectors that’s why we are considering this reform as a vast opportunity to showcase our products’ capabilities and affordability. Another principal reason of our coordination is to empower the Filipinos’ employment and business opportunities to small and medium enterprises while keeping them affordable to customers which are primarily owner-drivers.”

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