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Geely Philippines has been on a roll with its relaunch into the country and the introduction of the Coolray, which has been selling well based on quite a few sightings on busy Metro Manila roads. It isn’t hard to see why – the subcompact crossover comes with a very attractive price range starting at P978,000 going all the way to P1,198,000, but with several high-tech features that should have been endemic above its class.

With all that hype that the Coolray carries, we here at Autodeal have a hunch as to what other Geely cars will be coming into the country next year. Our best guess is these upcoming Geely vehicles will be an MPV, SUV, and a sedan, based on the image below.

Geely website local screen cap

A quick look at the company’s website reveals that there are three more models coming into the country. The upcoming Geely cars in question are shown with just the side profile. Not much to go on but thankfully the local website comes in the same format as the global website. This is what we used as a basis to guess which cars Geely could bring into the Philippines next year.

Geely Atlas press photo

For the SUV/ Crossover, it will definitely be the Altas. The Atlas has already been on display at Geely’s single dealership in Quezon City. It was put beside the Coolray and its plug-in hybrid variant. In other markets, the “Atlas” is called the Emgrand X7 Sport. Over on the global website, the X7 Sport comes with three engine powerplants to choose from. The first is a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter gasoline engine, the next is a 2.4-liter gasoline powerplant, and finally, there is a 1.8-liter turbo powerplant which is also gasoline fed.

Geely Jia Ji press photo

The MPV, on the other hand, our guess is it might be the Jia Ji. The Chinese minivan comes in with three seating configurations. The first is a 6-seater variant and the other two are 7-seaters. The 7-seater variants vary in where the three-row seating is located. We are still uncertain as to which seating configuration Geely will bring into the country.

Powering the MPV is a selection of three powerplants. A 1.5-liter gasoline turbocharged engine and a 1.8 gasoline turbocharged engine. The 1.5-liter powerplant can also be had in a hybrid variant. The hybrid variant is further split into two, the first is a mild hybrid, while the other is a plug-in hybrid.

Geely emgrand GT press photo

For the sedan, it’s a bit vaguer but we assume that it will be a variant of the Emgrand. The Emgrand comes in many model variants but judging from the side profile it looks like it will be the Emgrand GT. The midsize sedan – yes it’s a midsize as its length comes in at 4,956mm which is 55mm longer than a Honda Accord. Powering the Emgrand GT are three choices: 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, a 3.5-liter V6 engine, and a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine. All of these engines will be gasoline fed. 

With these three Geely cars, we think the company is ready to give the leaders of each segment a run for their money, not only in terms of pricing but in terms of features. While we don’t have any specifics as to when these will enter the local market, expect Geely to make an announcement sometime next year, along with the upcoming several dealerships.

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