Skyway Stage 3

Skyway Stage 3 was initially supposed to begin toll collection back on February 1, 2021. However, this has been pushed back to an indefinite date according to the Toll Regulatory Board. The government agency sites that since the toll rates have not yet been finalized, the new expressway will remain toll-free in the time being.

While the problem of deciding on toll rates may seem like a simple matter there is more to it than just that. During a press briefing done by the Department of Transportation on the matter of the Skyway Stage 3, Undersecretary Garry de Guzman stated that, in order for San Miguel Corporation to start collecting toll on the elevated roadway, it must meet all the requirements for an operator’s permit. While the roadway itself is already useable as many motorists have come to enjoy, one of the requirements for a toll operator’s permit states that the expressway must at least be 95% complete according to an independent consultant. 

In the case of Skyway Stage 3, it is still under evaluation since there are still numerous ramps on the expressway that have yet to open or are still under construction. However, this could change soon as according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the roadway is at about 91.99% complete. This means that all SMC has to do is reach the 95% completion point in order for it to be allowed to start collecting toll fees. Of course, it also has to settle the matter of finalizing the toll rates for the roadway as well.

Neither the DPWH nor SMC have disclosed any new information about the finalized toll rates for Skyway Stage 3. Given that the elevated roadway has yet to be completed or hit the 95% mark, more information should come in, in the next few months. In the meantime, motorists can enjoy a toll-free experience while using Skyway Stage 3. 

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